History DEFSolution GmbH

The company was founded by Mr. Hugo-Louis Pißulla.

The company DEFSolution has set itself the task of creating a bridge between the automotive suppliers and automotive manufacturers worldwide.
Through the actions of DEFSolution GmbH, not only solutions, but also synergies and benefits are generated.
The primary goal is to solve bottlenecks on: quality assurance, rework, resident engineering, logistics and vehicle preparation.

The team of DEFSolution GmbH covers a wide range of qualities.
Many years of industry experience, foreign assignments and language skills of common business languages ​​are part of the overall package of DEFSolution GmbH, as well as unrestricted service and outstanding quality.

With the purchase of the property in Braunschweig (in 2018), the offer of DEFSolution GmbH has been expanded. Mechanical / manual cleaning of vehicle components made of steel. For example. Brake discs, logistics services, etc. in the form of transport and storage are now possible.

Our employees are characterized by goal-oriented action and flexibility, as well as independent work.
In the name of quality we fulfill our daily tasks and are always committed to the customer.

All service areas for the automotive industry are covered nationwide by the team of DEFSolution GmbH. Among the main tasks of the company include e.g. the handling of customer complaints in the form of quality controls and rework.
We offer our activities in the processing plant, or in our own halls. Of course, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Through the certification by the TÜV Süd, the applied processes and quality of execution are monitored and confirmed.

With DEFSolution GmbH you win a partner at eye level who understands his craft.