Logistics services

A company whose services include, among other things, the area of ​​”logistics” or which has to use the logistics to transport its own products in its day-to-day tasks knows how extensive this area of ​​work is.

“Logistics” means more than “just” ensuring that goods are transported from A to B.
Rather, smooth processes are the basis for the economic activities of every company. Not only traditional forwarding companies know: empty transport is expensive!

DEFSolution GmbH offers logistics services at different levels. This guarantees that your goods will find their way to the customer safely or within the company.

Logistics services from the professional – a comprehensive service portfolio

In the course of the logistics services we offer, it is important for us not only to cover a separate area, but also to combine the range of different work areas. Your advantage: a contact person for a comparatively large range of topics!

That’s why, for example, we not only take care of classic logistics services, but are also your point of contact when it comes to providing storage space. This subarea is particularly interesting if the goods that you produce in your production does not find its way directly to your customers, but must first be stored temporarily.

Depending on the product, however, characteristic criteria must often be met, especially with regard to the appropriate storage location. But regardless of whether your goods need to be stored at a specific temperature, in a given order or otherwise, we have the know-how and the ability to meet individual requirements.

Your contact for “spontaneous” transports

Not all transports that have to be carried out daily can be planned. Often changes in the production process or additional orders ensure that a transport must be carried out within a very short time.
Thanks to our wide-ranging network and the corresponding options, you benefit from the advantage of being able to make use of logistics services, even on the basis of a relatively short lead time.


  • Provision of storage areas
  • Coordination of transports within a short time