Rework & component completions

We offer individual rework concepts and procedures for a wide variety of components and materials. We offer you our rework by machine or by hand.
Our reworking portfolio includes:
Deburring, polishing, cleaning, drilling, kitting, grinding, packaging, etc., of components.

Partial completion according to your specifications in the automotive industry, we offer, of course, around the clock, 365 days a year. These include line-accompanying activities and piece work.

DEFSolution GmbH impresses with its high degree of flexibility and attention to detail.


  • Rust removal of parts
  • Cleaning parts. By machine or by hand
  • general and specific grinding, drilling, milling, filing and deburring work
  • Surface treatment (it is irrelevant whether it is surfaces made of sheet metal, aluminum or Plastic.)
  • Preparation of auxiliary tools
  • Sandblasting