Goods filter & Outsourced control and rework

Expiry of the part filtering

Establishment and significance of an “external goods filter” in the supply business of the automotive industry.

Which works are offered in this context?
And how does the customer benefit from this?

The basis for our goods filter is an interaction, quality assurance with the logistical processes between customer and car manufacturer. Based on these two factors, we ensure that not only your, but also the high demands of your customers on the end product concerned are met.

Before suspect components reach the customer’s plant, DEFSolution ensures that the components always meet the demands of the installing customer service.

The goods filter of DEFSolution GmbH in detail

The DEFSolution goods filter as a fixed QA system with defined processes.
Due to the standardized procedures, it is ensured that the exclusively i.O. Goods reached your customers.

At the same time, goal-oriented documentation and communication with our clients play a crucial role in the course of the goods filter. Both factors, the fixing of the corresponding errors and the dialogue with our customer, helps to prevent errors and to make the production of the companies concerned even more economical.

As part of our complete support, we deliver the corresponding products with our logistics to the desired address and thus ensure not only a high level of quality, but also for a smooth and fast transport of your goods.


  • Complete care of your goods incl. Delivery by our logistics